12:57am April 7, 2013

50 Random Hetalia Asks!!!

  • 1: What got you into Hetalia?
  • 2: What month and year did you first start watching it?
  • 3: Who is your favourite character currently?
  • 4: If you could have one ship become canon, what pairing would it be?
  • 5: Do you like Hetalia yaoi?
  • 6: How has Hetalia affected history for you?
  • 7: What do you prefer and why: Axis or Allies?
  • 8: Hetalia OTP?
  • 9: Do any of your friends like Hetalia?
  • 10: Are you caught up with all of the episodes?
  • 11: Which Hetalia-related merchandise (official and unofficial) do you own?
  • 12: Do you read any fanfics and if so, what's your favourite one?
  • 13: How have you contributed to the fandom?
  • 14: What popular ship do you not like?
  • 15: What unpopular ship do you like?
  • 16: Who was the first character you instantly fell in love with?
  • 17: What episode gave you the most feels?
  • 18: What episode gave you the most laughs?
  • 19: What is your favourite episode in general?
  • 20: Do you have any crossover ships with any Hetalia characters?
  • 21: What is your favourite Hetaloid song?
  • 22: Thoughts on HetaOni? Have you played it?
  • 23: Is Germany the Holy Roman Empire?
  • 24: Any character you don't like in particular?
  • 25: Do you roleplay any characters on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Omegle, etc?
  • 26: Who would be the one character you would love to meet?
  • 27: Do you recognize Sealand as a country?
  • 28: If you could ask Himaruya one question only, what would it be?
  • 29: Do you cosplay any of the characters from Hetalia?
  • 30: If you had the ability to change your height, shape, voice, clothing, and even gender, who would be your dream Hetalia cosplay?
  • 31: Look at the country you are currently living in. If they are an official Hetalia character, how do you feel about that character, as well as the country itself?
  • 32: What are some Hetalia OC's (Original Characters) you have made up?
  • 33: What are some of your biggest headcanons?
  • 34: What is the one thing about the fandom that irks you the most?
  • 35: Your favourite seiyuu/voice actor in the Sub or the Dub?
  • 36: Are you a HetaStuck? Thoughts on it?
  • 37: Is Hetalia the biggest fandom you are in? If not, what is?
  • 38: How much has Hetalia taken over your life?
  • 39: What is your favourite fan-made video or tribute you've ever seen?
  • 40: Do you think Prussia is awesome?
  • 41: Personality-wise, which character are you like the most?
  • 42: How do you feel about the Nordics?
  • 43: How do you feel about the "cult" around Germany?
  • 44: Any crack pairings?
  • 45: Will you ever leave the Hetalia fandom?
  • 46: Are you glad that you started watching Hetalia?
  • 47: What did you do before starting to watch Hetalia?
  • 48: Have you read the Web Comic, watched the Anime, both, or neither?
  • 49: What is the thing in general that you absolutely love about Hetalia?
  • 50: If you could have one wish granted that was Hetalia-related, what would it be?
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